Joel Starkman

Licensed Real Estate Specialist

Joel Starkman has called Phoenix his home for more than 30 years. Originally from the Bay Area, by way of Chicago, Joel came to Arizona seeking opportunity as a young professional in his twenties. After opening and operating multiple successful private jewelry design firms, Joel has successfully made the transition to Real Estate.  Joel has always been attracted to beautiful architectural design. Having grown up in an Eichler home in northern California, Joel understands the allure and joy that comes from living in mid-century modern homes. He knows that the right neighborhood, restuarants, retail amenities, entertainment options and more are the keys to fully experiencing your new home. With his vast knowledge of, and experience within, the Phoenix market Joel can be your tour guide as well as your REALTOR®.  As a small business owner for many years, Joel understands that the customer experience is critical to the success of any venture. His professional demeanor combined with his outgoing personality allow Joel to be your go-to expert for all of your buying and/or selling needs. Whether it’s finding and buying the home of your dreams or finding the right buyer for your home in the valley, Joel is your agent!

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Your proudest moment?
Watching my boys grow into men.
Your first job?
Selling jewelry.
What sets you apart?
I can relate to almost any personality and love helping people.
Your dream profession?
Your favorite motto?
"Can't lives on won't street."
Favorite song?
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling Stones
Charity & Causes

Food and water are a basic human right. There is nothing more painful to me than the idea that families around the world are forced to go to bed hungry at night.

I have long financially supported Mazon. They are a phenomenal nonprofit that focuses exclusively on world hunger. They work towards systemic change of the problem by building armies of active anti-hinder advocates.

Their list of successes is nearly endless and consistently growing. I am proud to support such a noble and effective organization.

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