Jonathan Friedland

Licensed Real Estate Specialist

An Arizona resident since the early 1970’s, Jonathan has personally witnessed the dynamic growth and development of the metropolitan Phoenix area. Having lived in the desirable residential neighborhoods of Arcadia, Paradise Valley and Grayhawk, his knowledge of the Valley is genuine and almost forty years in the making. This homegrown perspective enables Jonathan to provide his valued clients with the type of thoughtful, relevant insight that only a local can deliver. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Southern California and earned a Master of Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He's held senior-level positions at Reebok International and Club Med, where he honed his sales and marketing skills in various cities throughout the world. A licensed real estate agent since 2004, he’s previously worked for a boutique commercial land brokerage buying and selling large tracts of land on behalf of homebuilders, developers and investors.

Jonathan Friedland Jonathan Friedland Jonathan Friedland Jonathan Friedland Jonathan Friedland Jonathan Friedland
Your proudest moment?
Watching my teenage kids develop & take ownership for the decisions they're making in their lives.
Your perfect day?
Coffee, Sunrise, Run, Sticky Bun, Beach, Family, Friends, New York Times, Sun, Snorkeling, Burger, Reggae, Happy Hour, Chips & Gaucamole, Beer, Grilled Fish Tacos, Full Moon, Bedtime.
Your biggest inspiration?
Teachers, physically challenged people, caregivers, first responders, and our military men and women.
Favorite actor/actress?
Cary Grant, Alan Arkin, Jack Nicholson, Lauren Bacall, Emma Thompson, and Frances McDormand.
Your spouse?
She's a killer combination of strength, brains and beauty in a 5'2'' package and she laughs at all my jokes.
Improve the world?
Make healthcare free for everyone, pay teachers what they're really worth, and end hunger/poverty.
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