Just How Close to the Camelback Summit is PV Ranch Real Estate

Posted on Aug 8, 2017
Just How Close to the Camelback Summit is PV Ranch Real Estate

Sir Edmund Hillary once said, "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." While he was talking about Everest, the simple truth is any climb to any summit gives you a sense of yourself that you simply won't find anywhere else, even if you've conquered it before. Imagine the ability to look out your window every morning and see the summit up ahead. With PV Ranch real estate, you certainly could, and given that the trailhead is just a few moments away from the homes in the area, the moment the drive to conquer this 2,704 ft summit hits, you can seize the opportunity.

Camelback Mountain

This area was originally reserved as an Indian reservation. By the 1940s, though, it fell into private hands and remained there until the golden age of the 1960s. Real estate in PV Ranch and the surrounding areas exploded, and today, there are many homes in the area that stare out at the beautiful mountain day after day. One of them could be yours.

PV Ranch Homes for Sale

PV Ranch is just west of Scottsdale Road to 68th Street. It's north of Camelback Road, so you can almost see the Cholla Trailhead staring at you from any property in the area. Homes here range from simple ranch style options to some of the most luxurious properties in the area. Whether you're just looking for a parking place before your next outdoor adventure or you want a truly magnificent home complete with all of the amenities, you'll find it in this area.

Area Amenities

Besides great access to the two trailheads for Camelback Mountain, there are many other nearby amenities to take advantage of. Bordered by North Scottsdale Road, this area is packed with shopping options. Restaurants abound, and there are many spots to interact with cultural events the area. The Scott Resort and Spa is nearby as is the entertainment district.

There's much to be said for conquering those very real mountains in life, but even if you just want a view of the top, PV Ranch real estate can get you there. To learn more about this area or to look at homes in PV Ranch, please contact a Launch Real Estate agent today.