Andrea Salas

Andrea Salas




She has called Arizona home for over 40 years.

Married for over 25 years, I am blessed with three amazing children who bring joy and purpose to my life. For a decade, I owned and operated a vibrant dance studio in the East Valley, where I cultivated a love for movement and expression. She has spent the last four years as a dedicated real estate agent, specializing in the dynamic East Valley market. Whether helping individuals find their dream home, facilitating property sales, or guiding clients in making sound investments, I find fulfillment in every step of the real estate journey. Andrea's commitment to the real estate world goes beyond client interactions. I am equally passionate about the back end of real estate and serve as a transaction coordinator, ensuring that every deal moves smoothly and efficiently. Andrea is proudly affiliated with the Felker Group. She enjoys the company of friends and family and soaking up the sun at the beach as much as possible. Balancing work and leisure is essential to me, and I believe in fostering connections both in business and personal life.

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