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Originating from Mt.

Clemens, Michigan and having traveled to every state except Alaska, Mac and his wife Cindy (a realtor too) selected Arizona as their forever home. Mac and Cindy’s passion rests in assisting others with achieving their real estate dreams. Whether you are seeking relocation to Arizona, acquiring or divesting of investment property, or looking to change residences locally, why not have the benefit of two Realtors working on your behalf? After serving six years in the US Army as a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Specialist, Mac began his professional career as a commercial lender. Next, Mac Launched into banking leadership, working in many different C-Suite positions (CFO, CLO, COO, CIO). His real estate experience spans across Construction, Commercial Lending, Mortgage Lending, Property Management-Acquisition-Divestiture, Estate Planning, and Remodeling. Mac has a Master's Science Finance Degree from Walsh College in Troy, Michigan. Additionally, Mac's resume includes leadership and strategy education at many prestigious schools including Harvard, Wharton, Cornell, Columbia, and Darden. The enjoyment of delivering unsurpassed service while building lasting relationships keeps Mac moving forward, much akin to his other past-time: automobiles. Mac loves cars! Through July of 2023 he has owned 99 different autos. Will there be a number100? Acquiring or selling real estate, cars or trucks; top notch negotiating skills are essential. Cindy says, please contact Mac today so he can help you with real estate needs instead of trying to negotiate his next car!

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