Trish Mears




As a proud member of the Launch/Compass family, Trish carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything she does.


Her main goal is to make the process of buying, selling, building, renovating effortless. Trish has a great appreciation and understanding for the cities culture, and architectural integrity. I am honored to be able to help people find, sell, or renovate their home here in Arizona. Aside from family, faith and business, Trish greatest passion is helping others. Her background in nursing offers the perfect opportunity to meld her passion for real estate with her commitment to others.Trish and her husband Casey teamed up, getting their contractor license and real estate license after building their own custom homes and specs. Forming Baja & Rosewood Builders, a business with a wide variety of experience in real estate including property development, investment property, and interior design. They have been married for 14 years and have an amazing daughter & son and two loveable doggies. When she is not working on her business, Trish enjoys traveling with her family and exploring Scottsdale. Former collegiate basketball player, Trish has a passion for sports and fitness. You can always find her at a cheer comp, local baseball field or her go to fitness studio, Body by Politik.

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