Located a short drive north of Scottsdale, Arizona, the town of Carefree — and her sister town Cave Creek — are ideal for those looking to get away from the urban and suburban hustle and bustle. Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, both communities enjoy the magical splendors of midnight-black night skies, majestic mountain vistas and stands of towering saguaros that clamber up and over the rugged landscape.

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Welcome to Carefree

A luxuriously laidback town.
In keeping with the charmingly cheerful nature of her name, the luxuriously laidback town of Carefree is lined with lighthearted street names, a la Easy Street and Ho and Hum. Awe-inspiring views of gigantic granite boulders and massive rock outcroppings dominate this part of Arizona’s high Sonoran habitat, in fact, spectacular stone formations are liberally sprinkled across the surrounding terrain.

The Neighbors

A perfect haven, commonly sought-after for vacation property.
Carefree demographics are as unusual as its name. The year-round population of approximately 3,500-ish rises by 500 or so in fall and winter and subsides in spring and summer as "snowbirds" and vacationers come and go. The median age of approximately 55 and average household size of approximately 2.25 reflect the high number of retirees who reside in Carefree, unable to resist the town’s serene surroundings, laidback lifestyle and world-class golf courses.

What To Expect

Stunning mountain and desert backdrops and inviting expanses of open space.
Whether you prefer gazing at a mountain or living on one — or even living on a golf green or airport runway — an appealing lifestyle is waiting for you in Carefree. You'll find luxury homes on ample acres of scenic real estate with magnificent Sonoran desert backdrops — in both gated and open subdivisions — where inviting expanses of open space offer abundant opportunities to watch the native wildlife such as deer, coyotes, javelina, Gambel’s quail and hummingbirds. In addition, you’ll marvel at the area’s unsurpassed sunrises and sunsets.

What Not To Expect

Youthful nightlife and party venues.
Since Carefree is known for its relaxing and slow-paced lifestyle, don’t be expecting too much in the way of youthful nightlife and party venues. Carefree residents often prefer to wake up early and greet the desert landscapes and crimson-hued sunrises with peace and quiet.

The Lifestyle

High-end Western-style arts, culture, golf and fun.
Filled with fabulous boutiques, upscale shopping, fine dining, quaint eateries, unique galleries and lavish resorts, Carefree and Cave Creek are definitely top of mind when it comes to kicking back and relaxing in high Arizona style. When it's time to further indulge your inner shopping diva, no problem at all, Carefree and Cave Creek are just a proverbial stone’s throw from everything wonderful that Scottsdale has to offer... dining, shopping, museums, galleries, theaters and cultural amenities par excellence.

You'll Fall In Love With

The quiet surroundings, laidback lifestyle and gorgeous homes make Carefree a destination you won’t soon forget.