Downtown Phoenix Neighborhood

Downtown Phoenix

Centerpiece of the Valley of the Sun, the City of Phoenix, Arizona is not unlike the mythological bird from which it derived its name.

Overview of Downtown Phoenix Real Estate Trends.

Properties For Sale

Average List Price

Price Range $3K to $8.0M
Price/SqFt $439
Average Size 2009 sqft
Average Days On Market 102

Properties For Rent

Average List Price

Price Range $699 to $9K
Price/SqFt $2
Average Size 1093 sqft
Average Days On Market 179

Welcome to Downtown Phoenix

Arizona history influences modern design.

Downtown Phoenix

Ancient people known as the Hohokam called this place home from about 200 A.D. to the mid-15th century. Agrarian people who grew corn and beans, the Hohokam were responsible for traversing the land with an intricate and effective canal system that brought water to what would one day become the Phoenix area. Their early understanding of the land and engineering inspired later settlers to develop today’s Central Arizona Project, an extensive network of canals and dams, which nourishes much of Arizona with water.

Downtown Phoenix 2

The Neighbors

A large and diverse population filled with professionals, tech wizards and residents seeking a more urban lifestyle.

Downtown Phoenix 3
Downtown Phoenix 4

Phoenix’s population comes from a diverse group of residents from many walks of life. With a boom in Phoenix’s population occurring over the past several decades, many of the city’s residents relocated from colder parts of the country to experience Arizona’s famous year-round warmth. Phoenix is home to some of the nation’s leading technology companies, univsersities and professional education schools and many fresh startups have started to call the city home. 

Downtown Phoenix 5
Downtown Phoenix 6

What To Expect

Breathtaking landscapes mixed with remarkable weather year-round.

Downtown Phoenix 7

Located in the Northeast part of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has more than 300 days of sunshine each year. It’s true that things can certainly heat up, especially during the summer when temperatures are routinely in the triple-digits. But those gloriously sunny days also mean that Phoenix is coveted as a year-round vacation destination for travelers from around the globe. That international appeal has also made Phoenix a magnet for luxurious resorts, championship golf, fine dining and fabulous shopping that will definitely delight your inner diva.

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Downtown Phoenix 9

What Not To Expect

Snowy weather and too many mid-day outdoor activities in the summer.

Downtown Phoenix 10

Phoenix’s world-renowned desert landscapes definitely provide spectacular views, but don’t be expecting too much change in winter-time scenery – there’s plenty of sunshine year-round! Snowfall and pines are a short drive away, however, meaning crisp, cool seasons and even skiing are just a couple of hours away.

The Lifestyle

Diverse lifestyles favoring both city-dwellers and upscale suburbia.

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Downtown Phoenix 12

Enamored with downtown city life? No problem — conveniently located near hop-and-go light rail lines, urban-living-lovers will find elegant restored buildings filled with sophisticated lofts. For those who prefer the lush quiet of upscale suburbia, head further east and enter one of the Phoenix’s original swank neighborhoods, Arcadia, where right-there views of Camelback Mountain abound and mini-citrus orchards and carpets of soft grass dominate the acreage surrounding traditional sprawling ranch homes and contemporary custom estates.

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Downtown Phoenix 14

You'll Fall In Love With

The amenities of one of the country’s largest cities with the outdoor activities of some of America’s recreation capitals.

Phoenix is home to some of the nation’s highest rated golf courses, restaurants, resorts and nightlife destinations. No matter what your preferred lifestyle is, Phoenix has plenty of options for you every night of the week.

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